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Why You Need Professional Artificial Turf Cleaning

Updated: Apr 7, 2023

Artificial turf is a proven choice of many Americans and beyond for a few handy reasons: it’s convenient, it’s easy to install, it’s not too hard on the wallet, and it’s easily available–it can be installed in a matter of days. And if you keep your turf in good condition with healthy cleaning maintenance, it can last for years. You don’t need an artificial cleaning machine or a huge investment in machines, you can simply hire someone like Brightside to come and clean your turf for you. We’ll do our thing and remove all stains, odors, and other grease, and get your turf back to looking sparkly and fresh.

When you take care of your car, you wash it regularly and give it oil changes on time so it can function well and stay looking new for a longer amount of time. The same logic applies to turf maintenance and synthetic fields. Whether it’s your backyard or a sports stadium, turf maintenance is needed across the board. Our turf cleaners at Brightside are friendly, reliable, and professional. They’ll clean your turf in no time so you can save time doing things you love.

With turf, there’s natural wear and tear over time, especially with high usage and high foot traffic. Even the smallest patch of artificial turf can collect debris in time. Whether it’s something small like a wrapper, or unidentifiable fluids, synthetic turf gets contaminated–simply put. These surfaces need regular cleanings–at least once a month.

Constant upkeep and sports field maintenance are vital for prolonging the life of your artificial turf. At Brightside, we’re here to help and proud to have the best service for odor removal and topical deep cleaning. We come in and prepare and clean the field so that it maintains its look, feel and playability of the surface. We have a variety of machines and tools we use to address specific issues for fields including sprays, repair items, and more.

When you trust Brightside to come in and clean your turf, you’re trusting a reliable and experienced service. In this article, we’ll go over ways of cleaning your turf on your own before you call up Brightside to take care of it for you. If you have pets, watch out for this advice as well.

Cleaning and Maintenance Routine

If you’re cleaning and doing it yourself, you only need to clean it about once a week to make sure that dust and debris don’t accumulate. You can monitor damage and decay with a garden hose to maintain the appearance of the synthetic turf. This is just a good habit to get into.

If you have a pet or two that typically goes to the bathroom on the turf, you need to be sure you’re cleaning up right after so as not to damage the turf. You can always apply deodorizer as well to maintain a fresh and clean scent if you’re waiting on Brightside to come over and do a deeper clean. In the in-between times, this is another great way to maintain the freshness of your turf.

You could also purchase a rake or brush to use on the grass as a more detailed but helpful way of cleaning. This might take some extra work though, so it’s probably best to call in the experts. Remember if you’re brushing or raking to pull against the grain to keep the turf looking perky and upright. You can always re-up on the infill to keep it lush.

Professional Artificial Turf Cleaning

How Often to Clean

Deciding when to clean your artificial lawn is a big decision because over time decay can build up if it’s not cleaned regularly. Depending on how much you use your artificial turf, your cleaning will be dependent on that. If your turf isn’t really walked on a lot or pets aren’t typically relieving themselves on it, then once every two weeks or once a month is okay for cleaning. Turf cleaning with experts like Brightside recommends at least once a month for cleaning.

If you have very active pets who use the lawn as their personal toilet, you might want to consider getting weekly cleanings. Most artificial turfs and infills already have properties that are self-cleaning, but a mild antibacterial solution could also improve the texture and smell of the lawn. You can always water down the solution to extend its use.

You’re probably wondering if you can vacuum artificial grass. It truly depends on what type you have. If your grass has an infill, stay away from vacuuming as it can clog and destroy a vacuum cleaner. But if there’s no infill, there’s no problem. Vacuum away to your heart’s content.

DIY vs. Commercial

Artificial grass and dog urine: our favorite topics here at Brightside. Mostly because we deal with it for our work, clearly. If you really want to go at it on your own in between seeing us at your turf to clean, we’d recommend a cleaning solution you can make yourself. It’s a mixture of half vinegar, half water. You can spray it on your lawn or put it in a small bottle to clean spots you see. This solution will neutralize dog and pet droppings and urine as well as be used for multiple purposes around the house. Not a bad option.

Commercial cleaners are a little harsher and are good in small doses, but not recommended if you have a large lawn. It’s best to hire pros to take care of all that turf. A good artificial grass enzyme cleaner or antimicrobial turf cleaner are both good options to ensure clean turf that can hold any sport or dog urine. The cleansers can double as deodorizers, too.

Go with the Pros

Keeping your lawn clean is paramount to a full artificial turf life span. We recommend going with a professional artificial turf cleaning service like Brightside so you can save time, avoid errors or accidental damage, and prolong the life span of your turf. Get in touch with us and we can come by to start cleaning as soon as possible.


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