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What You Need to Know About Cleaning Artificial Turf for Dogs

Updated: Apr 7, 2023

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In our local desert-type Phoenix climate, there simply couldn't be a more practical solution for creating welcoming outdoor spaces that look great all year round than vibrant and low-maintenance turf grass. However, if that's your dream and you're also a big pet lover, there are a few things to think about ahead of time. Vitally, it's worth investigating what you'll need to know about how to clean artificial grass for dogs.

If the well-being of your beloved canine companions always comes top of the priority list then we understand exactly where you're coming from. The chances are, you've already been busy sniffing out the best artificial grass for dogs in Arizona. But even when you've found the best pet-friendly artificial turf Phoenix has to offer, there is also great wisdom in knowing what is distinctive about how to clean artificial turf for dogs.

Keeping your yard smelling fresh while ensuring a clean and safe environment for your four-pawed pals is completely achievable, and the animal-adoring team here at Brightside is going to help you claim total confidence on behalf of your furry friends as your artificial grass dream becomes a reality!

How Do You Clean Fake Grass for Dogs?

It's true that cleaning artificial turf for dogs takes a little more thought than it would in a pet-free household, but that doesn't mean that it'll be too time-consuming or challenging. On the contrary, it only takes a little understanding of things like the science of turf pet odor removal to enjoy the best of both worlds.

Of course, a huge facet of striking that perfect balance is knowing how to clean turf with dogs around! After all, you won't want to ban games of fetch in the yard for long. Your pooch will soon be snuffling around for his favorite toys and rolling around on that turf in the sunshine. This makes it essential to partner with professional artificial grass cleaners who prioritize nature-friendly bio turf cleaners and always use a yard sanitizer for pets specifically.

We Know How to Deodorize Pet Turf

Looking clean is one thing, but what about smelling clean too? Going beyond than how to sanitize turf safely for pets, it's also important to remember that dogs can leave behind a distinctive odor. Yep, your tail-wagging pal can leave your outdoor turf grass smelling rather pungent, just as they would an indoor rug or sofa. This makes it vital that your trusted turf cleaner for dogs is also an expert in turf pet odor removal!

So, what is it about pets that can leave your artificial turf grass smelling less than fragrant? Well, that distinctive doggy smell can be attributed to a few factors. If your doggo uses your lovely turfed areas as a bathroom, that'll definitely be a part of the problem. However, sebum oils, hair, and skin cells naturally shed by your dog can also contribute to an unwelcome aroma when left unchecked.

Rather than letting aromas and bacteria build up—that would make your yard a far less appealing hang-out spot—you can instead become a pro at how to deodorize artificial turf with a little help from the Brightside team. There's nothing we love more than tailoring our turf-related wisdom to the cleaning needs of any household!

After saying a friendly hello to your pup if they're around, the first thing our seasoned turf cleaning crew will tell you is that every odor has a unique chemical makeup that required a strategic cleaning response. We'll explain exactly how you can keep dog urine smell yard issues at bay with some savvy rinsing and debris removal, scheduling periodic maintenance cleans, and using the odor-removing products recommended by your dependable Phoenix artificial turf experts (that's us!).

How Do I Find Pet-Friendly Turf Cleaners Near Me?

Whether you're making pet-friendly preparations ahead of getting fake grass or figuring out how to keep your already-realized dream yard looking newer for longer, you might find yourself asking, “How can I find pet-friendly artificial turf cleaning near me?

It's a really valid question, because not all turf cleaning companies will see kindness towards paws a must in the way that we do here at Brightside. We take immense pride in compassionately knowing how to clean fake grass for dogs—ensuring that we throw the perfect pitch both in terms of keeping your turf looking vibrant, fresh, and fluffy, and showcasing how to keep artificial turf from smelling all year round.

So, are you ready to align with professional artificial grass cleaners who can make maintaining turf grass with pets a breeze? With our assistance, you'll find that day-to-day upkeep is minimal, and periodic pet and family-safe interventions can easily and effectively keep dog odors at bay. Reach out today to book your consultation, and let's make your dream of leisurely afternoons spent with your pets in the most stunning turfed yard a reality!


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