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Is Turf Cleaning Necessary in Arizona?

Updated: Apr 7, 2023

Due to its hot and dry climate, Arizona is perhaps the ideal state to opt for a nice healthy green artificial turf lawn over grass for your yard. A healthy artificial turf lawn offers an ideal area to relax with a nice picnic with your family or play area for the pets, while requiring much less effort to maintain than a traditional grass lawn. However, this doesn’t mean that there is no maintenance needed. From regular usage, your turf will accumulate germs, allergens, pet hair and urine, dust, rocks, and debris. If left untreated and depending on the environment around your home, your turf can also become a breeding ground for mold, ringworms, fleas, ticks, parasites, and bacteria. This is especially true for families with kids and pets who like to enjoy the turf regularly.

To ensure that playing on the turf is an enjoyable and safe experience for your children and fur babies, it is recommended that routine maintenance should be performed at least once a month by using a turf comb or rake to brush the blades and applying a cleaning and deodorizing solution. In addition, a professional deep cleaning should be performed at least once or twice a year for lightly used artificial turf lawns. Our friendly professionals at Brightside are ready to rejuvenate your turf through a deep cleaning process that includes removal of the previously mentioned debris, de-compacting infill, removing all odors, and re-fluffing the turf so it looks as good as new.

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Turf Cleaning in Arizona


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