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How to Deodorize Artificial Turf for Great Results Every Time

Updated: Apr 7, 2023

Countless property owners find great satisfaction in artificial grass thanks to its vibrant aesthetic, minimal maintenance demands, and outstanding longevity. However, when it comes to artificial turf cleaning, things can become a little more complex for pet owners!

Natural pet shedding and toilet breaks in your otherwise immaculate yard can quickly result in unwelcome odors that are challenging to remove without the right know-how. However, if you are wondering how to get pee smells out of turf, then today you've come to the right place.

Prepare to master how to clean artificial turf for dogs with fantastic tips from your trusted artificial turf Phoenix specialists. Read on to discover how to clean fake grass for dogs and avoid unpleasant odor build-up in the first place, for a fresher yard and beautiful turf that is ready for the whole family to enjoy.

Wondering How to Keep Artificial Turf From Smelling?

As Phoenix artificial grass specialists, we understand all too well how quickly unpleasant smells can form—particularly in the strong afternoon sun. When it comes to pinpointing the best way to clean turn grass with pet-related odors, most will agree that wherever possible, prevention is better than cure.

Without a doubt, you may need to course-correct with the assistance of a turf maintenance company like Brightside Turf, but from that point moving forwards, we can provide handy tips to minimize the risk of future odor formation.

This will include giving regular attention to rinsing and removing any pet-related debris, and scheduling regular deeper cleans with our turf cleaning service to keep your fake grass in tip-top condition. As for ensuring that your artificial grass maintenance service is truly pet friendly, read on as we also tackle how to clean turf with dogs specifically in mind!

Mastering How to Deodorize Artificial Turf Effectively

When exploring how to deodorize turf and how to take care of artificial turf that is frequented by pets overall, it certainly helps to have a head for science. This is because every odor has a unique chemical origin and may require very specific tactics to neutralize.

Organic matter shed by your beloved furry friends such as hair and skin cells can accumulate in artificial grass before gradually beginning to break down. Clearing that build-up away is important for smell prevention, but the story doesn't end there.

In addition, sebum oils, yeast, and bacteria from your four-pawed pal's skin can also be deposited around your yard, contributing to an unwelcome scent that isn't visibly detectable. When we add these aromas into the mix created by hormones, uric acid, and ammonia in dog pee, the result is a decidedly unpleasant cumulative medley!

Crucially, what this means for dog owners is that a store-bought cleaning product may simply not be up to the job of eliminating every odor source at once. That's why our team of pet turf Phoenix specialists here at Brightside Turf come from backgrounds in biochemistry. We zoom in on the true sources of bad smells at a molecular level, so that we can remove them every time, guaranteed!

How Do You Maintain Artificial Grass With Pets Around?

When approaching turf pet odor removal, it is essential to remember that not all professional artificial grass cleaners are created equal. As we always tell our clients, it is vital to seek out turf cleaning companies that prioritize dog and family-friendliness in everything they do. So how do you clean fake grass for dogs with the well-being of those you love always placed front and center? The way we see it, outdoor spaces are ultimately an additional area of the home. Artificial grass cleaning needs to align with the reality that kids will play and dogs sniff and roll around on the ground, so your green areas have to be 100% safe.

This makes it essential to vet any artificial turf cleaning service. Is their yard sanitizer for pets non-toxic and family safe? Do they offer a bio turf cleaner that eliminates dog urine smell yard issues while ensuring that normal play and outdoor enjoyment can resume as soon as professional turf cleaning is finished?

Cleaning artificial turf for dogs begins with knowing how to remove odor from artificial grass effectively and safely for every member of your household—whether two-footed or four-pawed! So choose to partner with a company that is just as committed to well-being as they are to ultimate cleanliness.

How to Keep Turf From Smelling In the Long Run

For most pet owners, calling in the cavalry with an artificial turf maintenance service offers a much-needed breath of fresh air. Not only do we provide deep-cleaning solutions that are completely safe, pet friendly, and kid friendly, but we can also extend the longevity of that precious freshness by adding in bio-degradable infill to block odors from pet urine and general messes until its time for our next artificial grass maintenance service visit.

Are you ready to experience our team's expert demonstration of how to deodorize artificial turf effectively? Reach out to our friendly team to schedule your appointment! Plus, don't forget to subscribe for regular updates on things like how to fluff artificial turf, how to vacuum artificial turf, and so much more. The memories made in your yard are our priority—and the Brightside Turf team is always listening!


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