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Odor Removal, Guaranteed. Artificial Turf Cleaning in Phoenix, AZ (602) 753-7479

Odor Removal,      Guaranteed.
Artificial Turf Cleanin
(602) 753-7479

Pet & Child Safe

Our products are powerful at destroying odor and pathogens, yet safe towards children and pets. Once our professional team is finished, the whole family can come out and enjoy clean turf again.

Biochemistry Science

We have a background in Biochemistry science, allowing our artificial lawn cleaning company in Phoenix to understand odor formation at the molecular level and how we can remove it, guaranteed.

Reliable & Insured

At Brightside Turf, we pride ourselves in being professional, reliable, and friendly. Brightside Turf services the Valley in artificial turf maintenance at affordable rates. We are fully insured.

We take our time to make sure your turf looks great!

Backed by bio-chemist professionals Brightside Turf uses a completely safe, pet friendly, kid friendly solution for turf cleaning and odor removal which acts as a deodorizer and disinfectant.

artificial turf cleaning near me
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Safe, professional, & effective Artificial Turf Cleaning.

Find our artificial lawn cleaning company all over the valley - Phoenix, Mesa, Gilbert, Chandler, Tempe, Scottsdale and in between.

Friendly & Honest
Reliable & Trustworthy
Professional & Experienced

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